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инвестиционные компании казань, рейтинг криптовалют по стоимости, интернет трейдинг как начать, летний трейдинг, трейдинг деск это


They are selling @ $4 on the 10th. What's your thoughts about investing in with the Gram Tokens? Thank you.
Comment from : DCryptoTube

Thanks for the updates! Pls check Opacity Storage
Comment from : matasovic

Ian Green
Yes, LiteCoin has been a bit of a surprise recently, after the crazy low price it got to by the end of 2018. HODLed from early and mid last year..
Comment from : Ian Green

Joe Davidson
Would love to seeyou interview Jack Dorsey or Winklevoss twins
Comment from : Joe Davidson

Rex G JR
Digipulse is where you build your "will" or last testament to pass down your crypto to next family member.
Comment from : Rex G JR

I have smashed the likes - Missouri, USA
Comment from : rbructer

Some truth bombs dropped in this AMA. damn! thanks for the extra time!
Comment from : valentindegen

CryptoJINX Xx
Sounds like another China hustle. It's like standard stock IPO doing presale to whales first then offering it to public to pump and dump. Total scam
Comment from : CryptoJINX Xx

Jenny Baker
you know I've been stacking LTC since december
Comment from : Jenny Baker

Canal do DIDI
Telegram is rubish company, don't use that shit !
Comment from : Canal do DIDI

Crypto PieRat
P.S. Stock to Flow ratio in reference to BTC would mean the ratio of "Virgin Fresh Mined Coins" : "Demand in the market for BTC in general(Possibly only demand for Virgin BTC?)"

i.e. With gold the stock to flow ratio that can drive price per ounce upwards happens as less gold comes out of the ground but global demand in # of ounces is ever increasing.

You see how BTC could capture this effect for massive gains against say FIAT. To be fair this was part of the main thesis of the White Paper. There is a finite amount of Gold/BTC and an ever increasing amount of humans who want Gold/BTC.

Comment from : Crypto PieRat

Crypto PieRat
Atomic Clock is accurate, but expensive! Ivan On Tech don't work for free!
Comment from : Crypto PieRat

Mark Couvillion
29:15 In his book, The Bitcoin Standard, Saifedean Ammous describes the concept of STOCK TO FLOW RATIO an explanation of the price movement of Bitcoin.
Comment from : Mark Couvillion

Hey Ivan,

could you discuss the relationship between the Price of Bitcoin, the hashrate and the total energy consumption due to mining in your show?
When I read the "Predictions" of 300,000 to 1,000,000 $/BTC I would assume an massive increase of the hashrate and electricity consumption, since it would become way more profitable to mine than today. I estimate that when BTC reaches 1.000.000 $ it could increase global electricity demand by over 10% (today its 0.2 %). Could this lead to a widespread mining ban? Would such a ban be even applicable?
Thanks in advance

Comment from : HundkatzeFisch

Carsten Rasmussen
The reason is that it is static memory and simple stack language
Comment from : Carsten Rasmussen

Carsten Rasmussen
Bitcoin also use forth. We also use forth in tagion
Comment from : Carsten Rasmussen

Ju Ju
I heard somebody say, if you don't have Haters your not poppin. So Binance must be POPPIN. Lol. PEACE Ivan
Comment from : Ju Ju

Damon Ford
EOS was the biggest ICO, they raised more fund than Telegram.
Comment from : Damon Ford

Telegram will sell tokens also on BitCort Exchange
Comment from : Matchmakers24

I do not understand why should I spend any time learning some rare or ancient programming language to develop under certain project? Why they not implementing solutions on Java or Python or Typescript like NEO and IOTA so developers might adopt it much faster.
As a developer I’d rather speculate on this coin to get more Btc instead of implementing new ideas on a familiar technology stack.

Comment from : subota23

Shawn Schaeffer
Should brush up on you education on xrp before speaking opinions!👍we are active but its not worth wasting our energy to convince or show others the truth. If people chose to be uneducated on xrp and want to talk shat then so be it ....your loss. We will be the last ones laughing
Comment from : Shawn Schaeffer

B. Bob
Hey. I just had a thought.
Every time you are going to pay in Crypto with a TenX card, pundiX or any crypto you will be creating a taxable event. You sell your asset. So following this your coffee or whatever would be much more expensive than with fiatpayment.
Can crypto really be a way of payment in this view for daily use? As long as crypto is an asset and not a currency it's a problem, isn't it?


Okay... as I wrote this I heared Ivan say it out loud.... jinx!
But still what does everyone thinks on the topic?

Comment from : B. Bob

Why do so many crypto companies destroy themselves like polo shutting down trollbox and disable so many features for us residents?
Comment from : wheminghou

No, you can't even use LBC to enter any more. Its 100% dead
Comment from : wheminghou

Sea Bas
Liiiitecooin!! After halfing a drop in price?!
Now why would this be a good investment? Not availanle for public for long time, locked up tokens, weird language. But if successful then it might be huge, if they can do what they promise. But then, whats the differencecto ETH?

Comment from : Sea Bas

Crypto Ninja
I understand BTC maxilmist are desperately trying to make lightening network, instead of just accepting it is a failed tech
and that XRP is the best digital asset ever created. However, their desperate attempt is irrelevant, as BTC is POW and it is clear that this is a failed tech. The freaks trying to hold on to BTC should just quit while they are ahead and go balls deep in XRP and Cardano. It is a shame this world is full of so many dumb, ignorant and naive people, as this space would be much stronger if people base investment on educated facts, common sense and real life use case. Even if the fantasy la la land lightening actually works, it will still be far less
efficient than XRP in every sense.

Comment from : Crypto Ninja

Holly May
Bitcoin investor Tone Vays thinks the BTC price can go all the way to $14000 if it manages to break the $8500 level. At the same time, the trader expects a pullback to follow sooner or later. explaining that everybody should buy more and join the gain, for me i advice you multiply the little you have with Diego's strategy, i was able to make 7bt with 1.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, You can reach him on Diegodouglas440@gmail. com or telegram @Diegodouglas440 or whatsapp; WhatsApp +1(985)686-0034.
Comment from : Holly May

Anshuman Nayak
Well I am long time lurker but this time I feel I have something to contribute.
If I take a guess what the firm which is selling "locked" Telegram token is doing is passing over the risk in a clever way. If I were them this would be my reasoning to sell the token now with the condition that if the network never launches or fails I will give the money back.
They sell the token and keep the money in bank / reinvest in a guaranteed investment for short term and earn interest/profit by this. If something goes bad, they just return the original money taken from normal people back but will keep the profit. If TOM network launches without any problem, well the normal public has their token and things will continue normal.

People in West Europe / US may not realzie but many asian banks (in India) give at least 4% interest on normal savings account and 6-8% for fixed deposits. If that info makes any sense.

Comment from : Anshuman Nayak

thank you Ivan .. Like always great content. I wish you the greatest success.
Comment from : xX-NYC PITBULL-Xx

phil mathew
Thanks for this video Ivan you are the best at dissecting technical terms for the common man. Stay blessed 🙏🏽
Comment from : phil mathew

Lilit & the SunShine Band
I do not Think that the Gentleman who Wrote the Internet of Money Will Show up With Justin Sun, Justin is a Funny Marketer Who Amuses the Court.
Andreas Has Nothing to Prove, He has Principles That Neither Buffet or Sun Have.

Comment from : Lilit & the SunShine Band

You can now use $XVG to book over 800,000 hotels, 300+ airlines, and/or top up your cellphone across 900 operators across 160 nations. coinmarketcap.com/currencies/verge/#social
Comment from : EVGENY

Bernard Macarius
Thanks Ivan for taking your time in researching all the days news and selecting that which you believe would benefit the group the most. I am very comfortable leaving this is your hands. I get upset with myself when I watch a 20 to 30 minute presentation only to learn I wasted my time and can never get it back. Again much thanks.
Comment from : Bernard Macarius

Coinbase debit card, you have to send them money and then you can use their VISA debit card.
TokenCard (TKN) debit card, you do NOT have to send them money and you can still use their VISA debit card.
Can you look into this, because this is what s going to emerge big time, Crypto Debit Cards.
I am also convinced Binance will also come with a VISA debit card soon.

Comment from : H V

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