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Jong-Ihl Jeong
Yeah my mom wants to work.... damn it
Comment from : Jong-Ihl Jeong

I think I spotted a pyramid scheme at the end
Comment from : Shrey

"Send this message to 10 other people"
Comment from : Anastasia

Evan Antigua
WAIT THIS VIDEO IS A PYRAMID SCHEME!!!!! They told you to send this video to three other people and then tell them to do the same!!!THAT'S HOW A PYRAMID SCHEME WORKS!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Evan Antigua

Timothy Yoon
When it COST to join it is a pyramid scheme MOST cases.
The second is if they ask you to recruit in any shape or form it is a pyramid scheme.
Even the best MLM methods have a model that will collapse at any moment.

Comment from : Timothy Yoon

Funny. I made my bachelor-thesis about multi-level-marketing. The thing is there are companys that actually function like that for decades, like Tupperware for example BUT they always make a certain percentage of people unhappy. Mainly because they tell them that they could make easy money. But it's never easy money. Many of those "self employed employees" have to work more than an average person or they abuse people by telling them they could make easy money.
Comment from : TheLastOneToFall

Aiga Edits
who came here from griffy?
Comment from : Aiga Edits

Nimish Parikh
It also drives wedge between friends, if one friend refuses to participate in. My relative lost two of his best friends in this scheme.
Comment from : Nimish Parikh

Francisco Andaluz
Pyramid schemes vs MLM line is so thin. Yikes. Life insurance industry. Looking at PHP and others. Great products, but dependent on recruitment all the time. Exhausting.
Comment from : Francisco Andaluz

Mark Jamson
It seemed as if my life was out of control when I discovered that my partner has someone else. I trusted a friend who convinced me and introduced me to a hacker @redhackpro on Instagram who could hack my partner's mobile phone. You can also send a message from WhatsApp + 1937-815-1491
Comment from : Mark Jamson

Faarax Shidan
Sending the video to three people isn’t it prymid scheme too
Comment from : Faarax Shidan

Faarax Shidan
Sending the video to three people isn’t it prymid scheme too
Comment from : Faarax Shidan

Bryant P
Lol Primerica.
Comment from : Bryant P

Life Of Why
I always assumed there would be a pyramid in the room.. or like a necklace or something.
Comment from : Life Of Why

Chaotic Reversal
Investment ads
Comment from : Chaotic Reversal

Sarah says hello
The first guy who ever asked for number who wasn't a coworker for work stuff was super cute and I thought flirty. Na he was just trying to recruit me for a pyramid scheme. That was kind of a slap to the face
Comment from : Sarah says hello

Kam. James
is ACN a pyramid scheme?
Comment from : Kam. James

AC Medina
“If it seems too good to be true, it’s probably *PYRAMID SCHEME*”
Comment from : AC Medina

Roses Glow
Assuming thats USD Imma Convert that to CAD and....
Thats wayyyyy too expensive

Comment from : Roses Glow

Blem Mo
Boom boom ted Ed
Comment from : Blem Mo

All of Capitalism is a pyramid scheme. Boss makes a dollar. I make a dime. That's why I shitpost, on company time.
Comment from : Anonomous0C

Layne Green
Pyramids are so 200BC
Comment from : Layne Green

Brandon Withnell
a big red flag is when your not sure what their actually selling and seem more focused on trying to recruit you, had a couple that was a friend of my moms come over once and showed of a video of their "companys sales pitch" to convince my mom to join, even though she didnt know what a pyramid scheme was until my dad and i warned her luckily she did think that it seemed too shaddy as well when she couldnt get a straight answer from them and turned them down
Comment from : Brandon Withnell

Μιχαλης Επιφανης
Bitcoin falsk
Comment from : Μιχαλης Επιφανης

Μιχαλης Επιφανης
IF you staten pein may nany back
Comment from : Μιχαλης Επιφανης

Lucy McPhee
how to spot a pyramid scheme
puts pyramid scheme at the end

Comment from : Lucy McPhee

Hilarious whenever they say, "Just hit up 30 of your friends," like, I don't even know 30 people, much less have 30 friends.
Comment from : CyanCyborg

Anaximander Quinton
So, basically, just like civilization.
Comment from : Anaximander Quinton

... I have to go make a call.
Comment from : Micah

Kaycee Whitham
Comment from : Kaycee Whitham

There can be only one pyramid scheme-

"The Obamid"

Comment from : MisterBuklau

Jack The Ripper
Thank you for telling me how to do a pyramid scheme
Comment from : Jack The Ripper

sounds like forex to me
Comment from : Nickitslit

alfred Pennyworth
Comment from : alfred Pennyworth

Vincent Ma
i thought this was how to start a pyramid scheme
Comment from : Vincent Ma

“Send this video to three people, and encourage them to do the same”

Idk man... sounds like a pyramid scheme

Comment from : CallieBestGirl

Sourav Besra
Is amway in india a pyramid scheme?
Comment from : Sourav Besra

Pytha311 GD
The pyramid scheme of views
Comment from : Pytha311 GD

Today’s sponsor is Raid: Shadow Legends.
Comment from : Verrou

Will Fishing
I've been wanting to start a pyramid scheme, anyone want in on the ground floor?
Comment from : Will Fishing

Tobzzz Ward
Category: education

Thanks for teaching me how to run a pyramid scheme

Comment from : Tobzzz Ward

Brendan Golledge
If it's the government pretending to try to help you, then it's a pyramid scheme. Social Security is a good example. The government only gets resources by taxation, so it cannot increase the total amount of resources by shuffling the money around. Welfare is only sustainable so long as the people government takes from remain more numerous and/or richer than the people they give to, which is not likely to be true over generations of welfare since the welfare itself will probably make it easier for the recipients and more difficult for the providers to propagate.
Comment from : Brendan Golledge

Comment from : drake_leo21

Usana in a nutshell
Comment from : Myxth

Miguel Sanders
So basically a JOB.. lmao.. y’all too funny..
Comment from : Miguel Sanders

silver gold
Some more red flag:
- Cult like brainwashing

Comment from : silver gold

The worst of all: when they make their sales pitch at your dinner party.
Comment from : halneufmille

King Cobra
If you have to pay to work, it’s most likely a scheme
Comment from : King Cobra

George Zhelyazkov
Biggest scams now... CryptoUnit, skyway...
Comment from : George Zhelyazkov

Vi Mo
Any chance you can make this video in Spanish ???? :)
Comment from : Vi Mo

Andrew Zambetti
Vemma changed the world. So many leaders teamed up and came out of Vemma. I rose up through the ranks and now the people I came up with have stayed my business partners ever since. We taught personal development and leadership. If you didnt train your people fast or good Enough they’d lose money and quit which made me the best business leader at what I’m doing now. All of it was legit.
Comment from : Andrew Zambetti

cough nimses cough
Comment from : flapppppppppy

I joined a Pyramid scheme for their 1 month free trail cause they teach you how to manipulate others and recruit them. They will also try to psycho you to continue but i had my mind set not to. I learned everything so that in the future i will have a heads up if someone is trying to talk to me about pyramid schemes.
Comment from : Avengingknight

how is MLM any different that pyramid scheme? they require their sellers to recruit MORE sellers to really earned a profit.
Comment from : johanazhari

once an old friend suddenly contacted me and tell me to come to their house immediately as if it's a matter of life and death situation. turned out it leads to 2 hours of MLM presentation which lowkey a pyramid scheme. I've never be that naive since then.
Comment from : johanazhari

Paradise Lord Ryū
“You don’t get rich by going to college. You get rich by getting rich.”


Comment from : Paradise Lord Ryū

Solo Alone
This makes me think this video is just encouraging us share it, which in terms just another pyramid scheme LOL...
Comment from : Solo Alone

Comment from : ahprodite2500

Nineteen 70
Sounds like MONAT
Comment from : Nineteen 70

Comment from : RobZoneFire

Truthful Robot
They can shove that pyramid scheme side ways
Comment from : Truthful Robot

step 1: use your brain
Comment from : seign

Dean Arendon
Haha, that sharing this video bit, So clever!
Comment from : Dean Arendon

Jean Jack Beaupainx
And that my friends it's capitalism.
Comment from : Jean Jack Beaupainx

Tala Norn
My neighbor saying "you should do it noww it's a great life opportunity"
Comment from : Tala Norn

Typhon Plume
Amway has been doing this alot longer then the example company.
Comment from : Typhon Plume

Seba Teodorium
Comment from : Seba Teodorium

"It's not pyramided scheme! it just shaped like Doritos."
Comment from : Redapple

Sagar Jadhav
Some are in India also like 2 of them approached me (friends) both time.
Ebiz (now not functioning I guess)
Cipl (still running).
I wasted 10k in cipl and also my friends too because of me.

Comment from : Sagar Jadhav

Sagar Jadhav
I wish, I would've watched it earlier.
Comment from : Sagar Jadhav

Brandon Johnson
Plot twist: this video is a pyramid scheme.
Comment from : Brandon Johnson

Marion Ferrell
To be fair, Pyrimid schemes can make you get rich quick!
Just start one.

Comment from : Marion Ferrell

Dave's Philippine Daydream
Wow this describe Amway, or is it Scamway. Lol
Comment from : Dave's Philippine Daydream

The difference between a job and a Pyramid scheme is that your job PAYS YOU for your time, gives you medical benefits, dental, and some jobs give you a Pension and 401K plan while the Pyramaid scheme wants YOU TO PAY to go to work on a vague promise you will make profit THATS THE DIFFERENCE.
Comment from : Tekno

Abhishek Soni
When someone says "I need your few minutes to tell you about an earning opportunity" it's a pyramid scheme.
Comment from : Abhishek Soni

Dom playz
So pyramid schemes are valid income sources if you start it
Comment from : Dom playz

Lane Girl
Boom Boom everyone.
Comment from : Lane Girl

Samuel Stones
Is herbalife spreading corona across the world through its products?
Comment from : Samuel Stones

Neeraj Nandan
4:09 Illuminati confirmed
Comment from : Neeraj Nandan

Differentbutrational 2696
Someone tried to get me into Vemma when I was living with my parents.
Comment from : Differentbutrational 2696

Aniket Siriya
Narrator : pyramid schemes are very dangerous
Also narrator: send this video to 2 people and also tell them to do the same

Comment from : Aniket Siriya

Ulysses Smith
Most folks watched this video and still don’t know what one is. You can tell by the comments. Pyramid Schemes are illegal. MLM are legal. Yet most of the folks in the comments are W-2 slaves working the 40/40/40 scam and don’t know a darn thing about business models if it smacked them in the face. They probably tried a business with zero skill and failed and blamed everyone but their damn self.
Comment from : Ulysses Smith

So how much money can I make if I share this video with 3 people?😜
Comment from : Gabriel

Flame _F1yer2037
Pyramid schemes....Too good Stonks
Comment from : Flame _F1yer2037

If you’ve got a pyramid scheme problem the you needs to get to the fda child. Dey gots it backwards!
Comment from : unboxingusa1234

John Scaduto
When they explain the job on paper, and you turn the paper sideways, and it makes a pyramid.
Comment from : John Scaduto

Synical RIP
I read this as "how to start a pyramid scheme"
Comment from : Synical RIP

Yasmin Muryadi
Hah! I'm practically invincible against the pyramid scheme as i,

Have no friends.

Comment from : Yasmin Muryadi

Red flag:
They keep reminding you that "This is not a pyramid scheme"

Comment from : tmnt9001

Potato Ackerman
Lmao the end
Comment from : Potato Ackerman

Thanks for this video now I know what not to do
Comment from : Blue_Squirrel

Baby Scooby
They pulled a pyramid scheme on us. We share it so they spread the message but get more views. More views = more money.
Comment from : Baby Scooby

Vince Ramces Oliveros
CROWD1 is shaking
Comment from : Vince Ramces Oliveros

giacoco 27
Ted is using piramid scheme on you!
Comment from : giacoco 27

Rocky Smith
Hi I added your video to my playlist you should check it out you might like them.
Comment from : Rocky Smith

Orange Muncher
Sounds like a pyramid scene ngl

Comment from : Orange Muncher

Mai Cwajbaum
<LuLaRoe enters the chat>

LuLaRoe: What? I'm not a pyramid scheme!

Everyone else: you are and you just are good at hiding it legally.

Comment from : Mai Cwajbaum

Manik Yadav
Don't waste time on these companies people, get a real job.

Comment from : Manik Yadav

Piruchi Ruchio
Indonesia banyak bgt... malah ada yg cuma pakai selembar kertas diisi no rekening. ..... aku inget temen sma ku ngebagi in model ginian eh aku yg kena marah.... lucu pgn liat komentarnya dan reaksinya skrg
Comment from : Piruchi Ruchio

Enlightning Airieon
Hey, if you work for me, recruiting more people as you go along, you could climb to the top of the pyra- uh food chain! Yeah, food chain. Work your way up to the top of the food chain!
Comment from : Enlightning Airieon

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